San Miguel

In 1890 a group of fearless and intrepid Spaniards sailed to Manilla in the Philippines. Their quest was to establish the first brewery in South East Asia. The brewery was located in the St Miguel district of Manilla and the first brew created on St Michael’s day. San Miguel day. San Miguel become the most fitting name to bestow on the new beer. The pioneering spirit of the founders meant that the journey continued
as San Miguel travelled across Asia and eventually reached Spain in 1954. San Miguel’s quest for seeking out experiences has taken it to many new destinations and it is now sold in over 45 countries worldwide.

Beer Type: Pilsner
Beer Style: Pilsen-style
Origin: Spain
Aroma: Fruity
Strength: 5.0%

Carlsberg Export

Our Danish roots provide an authentic, aspirational and differentiated identity for Carlsberg. We will help a new generation of drinkers discover why the Danish way, is a better way. The Danes definitely seem to do it better which makes Carlsberg probably the best beer in the world.

Beer Type: Pilsner
Beer Style: Danish Pilsner
Origin: Denmark
Aroma: Hoppy
Strength: 4.8%


The origins of Mahou lie in Madrid where this celebrated Pilsen-style lager has been synonymous with the city’s beer-and-tapas culture since 1890 when it was first brewed by the children of Casimiro Mahou, a French entrepreneur born in Lorraine. The variant available in the UK today is Mahou 5 Star, the premium variant from the Mahou range first introduced in Madrid in 1969. It has a five-star taste and is brewed using high-quality ingredients: premium Spanish and Bavarian hops and a century-old strain of brewer’s yeast. A hint of malted barley and a gentle bitterness combine for a clean refreshing flavour that makes Mahou the ideal companion for Spanish cuisine.

Beer Type: Lager
Beer Style: Pilsner-style
Origin: Spain, Madrid
Aroma: Fruity
Strength: Light 5.1%

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Carlsberg Export


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